Configuring Events+ and Chat to reflect WPMUdev Live Support

This may also relate to the Chat plugin.

For one of the communities I’m working on, the live-support setup WPMUdev uses would be quite useful (In fact, I’ve been looking for something like it for a long time). From what I understand the live support page is essentially a styled “Weekly Event Calendar” Add-On, and that the individual chat sessions are basically chats embedded in events. My question relates to the Weekly Event Calendar bit.

If a chat is currently in-session on WPMUdev, you can click it on the weekly calendar to access it. If it’s not in session, you can click all you want and go nowhere.

My question is: how are you able to block access to past event posts, or posts of events that have not yet started from the Weekly-Calendar view? Is this functionality included by means of configuring one or more add-ons? If so, which ones and how – generally – would I go about doing it?

Furthermore, the info box for the “Weekly Calendar” addon says this:

Minimal usage: [weekly_event_calendar] …

…Settings are done using the fields on this page, under Weekly Event Calendar settings.

I do not see any fields on the “Events > Settings” page for “Weekly Event Calendar Settings”. Finally, your “Usage” documentation for the Events+ Plugin is very helpful for configuring the core features, but the Add-Ons list is lacking some of the newer add-ons.

Let me know if/how this can be done! It functions wonderfully here and it’s something I’d love to implement on my network.