Conflict with WPML on products page

In installed the latest version of WPML (2.9.2) because I needed some of it’s updates. I’m running MP 2.8.8.

As soon as I enable the WPML plugin my products page breaks and I don’t get any products listed in my mp_productlist template file. The strange thing is that when I select a category, everything works as expected and I get the products.

Even stranger is when I digg into the code of marketpress.php and var_dump the query_post call (around line 1100) it actually shows all the products!

Also when I use mp_list_products instead of using the loop in my template it works.

But I don’t want to use the mp_list_products function because I have my custom loop to go over the products list.

Please help because this has been driving me crazy for the past day or so.