Confused On Which Plugins Can Accomplish This Setup The Best

I was looking for a solution to charge users to create blogs that included Marketpress. I have tried Supporter and am now trying Pay To Blog. Even though they are great plugins, we are sadly finding out that neither of them offer the complete solution we need.

Pay To Blog –

What happens to blogs when they do not pay? They are still active on the frontend even though they cannot access the backend. If they never paid, the frontend will be the default blog setup with the same info on many many unpaid blogs. And if they paid at one time or another and put products in the Marketpress, their Marketpress store is still usable even though they haven’t paid their balance due because the frontend of the blog is not disabled.

Supporter –

No way to offer an all or nothing like Pay To Blog. When a user signs up and does not pay, they can still access most of the admin area options. I’d rather them not even see the admin area until they paid, just like Pay To Blog does. Showing parts of the admin area is confusing when setting up a “paid” only setup. They shouldn’t see this stuff.

If Marketpress is in the “mu-plugins” folder, they get instant access to use it without paying through Supporter. This is not good! I want this to be part of the reason they pay.

If Marketpress is in the “plugins” folder, then it can be included in the Supporter upgrade. But, they must activate it…right? What if I want the plugins area in the backend hidden all together because I don’t want my users in that area at all? What if I want Marketpress automatically activated? I must put Marketpress in the mu-plugins folder to have it auto activated for all new blogs. Which brings back the issue of users getting instant access without paying for it, again…as explained above.

I’ve read around here in many threads that there is some upgrade coming to Supporter. Features that may be included are unknown to me or how long the update will take. Therefor, I have to work with what is here now to try and accomplish this particular setup we need.

Please, does anyone have any suggestions?

Here’s the scenario:

New users are not computer savvy. Less is best. The more automatically setup, the better. The less complicated, the better. No extra clicks! Easy blogging does not include Marketpress options, so please do not suggest it. I’ve already tried it. Thanks.

User signs up for a paid only blog/Marketpress. There is no option for a free blog/Marketpress. We offer enough free stuff already in our network with other scripts (including free blogs & classifieds already!). I signed up here for serious solutions for a paid only option area for serious people to use with Marketpress to host their own stores.

User does not get access to the backend or frontend until they pay for a subscription.

If they do not pay, the info they created is deleted after a few days.

If they pay, they get access to the backend and frontend.

If they miss a payment, their blog gets disabled. If disabled, both the frontend and backend are inaccessible until payment is made up to date. An email is sent with instructions. When they login, they are presented with the options to pay up. They see nothing else!

Users have an option to upgrade at any time. Users have an option to pay before their blog expires. An email reminder is sent ahead of time.

If a user is on a “subscription” payment plan and they cancel their subscription through PayPal, then Super-Admin can disable their account until they pay again. No frontend or backend is accessible.

Once a blog is disabled, there is a grace period (like 30 days) before it actually is automatically deleted for non-payment.

Please, does anyone have any suggestions? What else is there? Are there solutions to the issues I have with Pay To Blog or Supporter?

Maybe I should use the Signup Code and do the payments through another system? But, does the SignUp Code offer signup codes for one use only per person per blog?

Thanks and have a splendid weekend*