Congratulations to James Dunn : This Week's new Life Time WPMU DEV Member !!!

Congratulations to JD, newest life time member of WPMU DEV.

He has been amazing on the forums, helping other members out and sharing great knowledge. As a result, in just 4 months he has earned his life time membership. Well Deserved !

He has achieved over 400 gift points from other members and I must say he has been exceptional

JD : We hope you enjoy the life time free membership!

For those who don’t know what this is all about : As a reward for being an awesome member of the community we give away free lifetime memberships at WPMU DEV

Remember guys, anyone can get a free life time membership here! All what you need is that zeal inside you and will to help each other in the forums and when someone says “Thanks” (through the thanks button), you get points. If you are good, You’ll be a life time member in no time :slight_smile:

So what are you waiting for ? Go ahead and start helping others on the Forums

Everyone, give JD a huge pat on the back for he did well getting here!

Its great to have you with us JD! Congrats again !



WPMU DEV Support