Coursepress Pro Problem, during course creation, Units dont save or allow new unit creation..

Do you have a number I can contact for questions?? This is urgent. Coursepress was working, I uninstalled it to add Coursepress Pro because the Coursepress Pro update via your dashboard was not working well, and it did not allow me to install CPP with the CP folders still available. The install only worked from downloading and uploading the .zip of the plugin itself from my computer. After creating the course title and descriptions in the preliminary page of course creation, on the unit page, I could fill the info and add a page to the unit, but once I click save it reloads with all the info gone, no unit added, and the button “add new unit” does nothing after that. Please help. I had bought Coursepress Pro this morning and am thoroughly disappointed that the free Coursepress version was working better, if it can’t be fixed, I would like to have a refund.. Thank you for your time.