Creating a searchable directory within a WordPress Site

Hey gang

Just joined wpmudev and this will be my first post! I am working on a client site that I’ve converted over from Joomla to WordPress. What I need is some sort of plugin (?) or way to create a searchable directory within WordPress itself. This directory will contain various people who are located in multiple cities or municipalities. If I wanted to search for all the people in the directory for a certain city, I would click the link for that city and it would spit out all the associated people (some may be associated with multiple cities). What is worse, is there should be a way to enter in all the people in one central spot – kind of like company directory listing but some of the people are associated with multiple departments or cities.

I was originally just going to manually create individual pages for every city. And the on that page, just create a table with all the different people and pertinent information, but then I realized if one of the person’s information had to be changed or deleted, I’d have to go to every page and modify on every one instead of just one place.

That may be my only option at this point unless someone has some suggestions!

cheers and thanks in advance