creating password protected client areas

I am trying to use the Membership plugin to create password protected client areas on a site for an event planner. There will be several different areas. One for each event type – Engagements, Elopements, Corporate Parties, etc.

Once a client signs a contract, I want to be able to create a username and password for them which will give them access to the corresponding area (subscription level). I do not want people to create their own username and password, and want them to be able to choose a “subscription level”.

I followed the instructions on the site. I created levels and Subscriptions. I created a “Public” level for everyone to see. I created categories and posts for the password protected member only areas. I created a user and assigned them to a subscription level.

Seems like the membership plugin should work for this purpose?

Where I am stumbling… I don’t know how to create a proper login form for how I want to use the plugin. Here is my page which is not correct – it is rather a mess :slight_frown:

Ideally, this page would have a login form where the user would enter their username/password, hit submit and then be directed to their special area – all posts in Engagements category, or all posts in Elopements category, etc.

Is there a way to accomplish this?

Right now, it seems anyone can see the posts that are supposed to be members only. Maybe because the gateway is set to free?

Thank you for any and all help!