Curses and Apologies to admins …

Curses, drats and damnation to me.

Apologies and begging of forgiveness from admins and developers!

I spent a week trying to get a new BuddyPress site installed and running. Posting several threads, staying up late at night with Richie_KS and generally buring up space here on the forum trying to discover the problem.

It was my firewall blocking the BuddyPress plugin from processing my login.

I still dursen’t know what BuddyPress sends to my browser to cause a blockage, but I have whitelisted the site in my firewall settings, and hope my memory lasts long enough I can advise any bloggers who have a similar problem when they register there.

In the meantime, please accept my apologies for wasting support time and burning up hard drive space.

Now, back to the salt mines …