Custom Dashboard Page Revisited


I’ve recently asked (in another thread) how to create a custom page in the Dashboard, for example the Dashboard would have a “Tutorial Videos” menu item which would display a page of videos.

I’ve figured out a way to make it work, but I would like to solicit recommendations as to whether my method is viable or flawed.

1) Create the page I want and put it in wp-admin. I’ve already done this successfully, using another admin page as inspiration.

2) Using the Admin Menu Editor plugin, create a new menu item (e.g., “Tutorial Videos”:wink:. In the URL for the menu item, I point it to my page (e.g., “/wp-admin/videos.php”:wink:.

That’s it!

My question is whether it’s okay to add a page to the wp-admin directory like that. Will it be removed or otherwise tampered with in an update, or will the update leave any new / custom pages alone?

Or is is the wrong approach entirely?