Custom dashboard widget: Define content in WP admin, not by editing the file



Please could you make the content of this dashboard widget editable in the WP admin instead of asking us to hardcode it into the plugin file?

As you know there are several issues with this:

1) Each time the plugin is being upgraded our custom content is lost :disappointed:

2) You have other plugins that add content to the dashboard but they all make it editable in the WP admin (and thus save it into the db)

3) I’m now using a multinetworks configuration (each network in a different language) and this let me define this kind of contents in different languages for each network. Of course this doesn’t work if these contents are hardcoded into a file.

I’m sure that can be easily fixed. You have several other plugins that work the same way, for example this one that allows HTML code :

Thank you for considering this request.