CustomPress: Custom Fields – Select Values Reorder List


Hi team,

As a non-developer, I’ve been trying to wrap my head around template integration for custom post types and fields for months now. I find that CustomPress makes this easier and more straight-forward than any other plugin I’ve tried to date. Thanks for that!

I have one concern, that could turn out to be pretty significant for my purposes:

I am creating a custom “select” field with more than 50 select options. One thing that some of the other plugins seem to do better is they allow me to drop in select option values as a plain text list in one field with line breaks in between (as opposed to having to add a new field for each option, type in text, click add new, and repeat).

For example with other plugins I can add all option values in one copy and paste motion:

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3


Click to add option.

Type or Paste: Option 1

Click to add option

Type or Paste: Option 2

Click to add option

Type or Paste: Option 3

What really concerns me about this entry method is that it doesn’t give me any way to reorder the options if I should need to.

Hoping someone can offer up an efficient workaround that puts my mind at ease “before” I start clicking away on the options list.