Custom Sidebars Pro – Post Tag Taxonomy Filter Does Not Work

I am using the Custom Sidebars pro plugin and I would like to be able to filter the visibility of a sidebar if the current post/page has a tag. This feature does not seem to work. When I try to enter a tag name or view the pre-populated list of tags it always says, "No results found." I've tried searching by tag name and slug. We have 1,438 tags in our WordPress database. When I try to filter by a different option such as category, the same thing happens. In fact, none of the taxonomy filters work. The only filters that work are the ones in the "Filters" section such as Guest, Roles, Special pages and For postype.

How do I get the filter by tag (and other taxonomies) feature to work?

We are using WordPress version 4.5.3 and Custom Sidebars Pro