Customize the Affliate plugin to work with other plugins


I am interested to extend the affiliate plugin to work with an external plugin (external to WPMU). and in my current case, this plugin is event-registration:

I’ve read on a first explanation about the affiliate plugin :

I am interested to gather a community involved in regular events and to transform them into affiliates in spreading the word towards twitter, facebook, … and let them receive a fee for registred attendees to those events.

I’m not a developper and I am interested to know if it is easy to extend the affiliate plugin to track registration events (and as the event-registration tracks down payments (from paypal and amazon), and for checks or bank wire the admin could add a flag to confirm the payment).

I completely agrees as no one knows how this plugin is coded, it is impossible to say if it could work.

But I more interested to understand how it is possible (and the level of complexity involved) to extend it to track such actions.

I hope that I’m clear enough :slight_smile:

Thank you for your time.