DB engine for customer table with stripe gateway

I’m running Pro Sites 3.2.2 with the Stripe gateway. My MySQL is setup to support the InnoDB db engine. When Pro Sites created the bw6R_pro_sites_stripe_customers table, it created it for the MyISAM db engine. MyISAM is generally only required when full text searches are needed. This can be seen around line 57 in the gateway-stripe.php file:

$table1 = "CREATE TABLE <code>{$wpdb->base_prefix}pro_sites_stripe_customers</code> (
<code>blog_id</code> bigint(20) NOT NULL,
<code>customer_id</code> char(20) NOT NULL,
PRIMARY KEY ( <code>blog_id</code> ),
UNIQUE ( <code>customer_id</code> )

1. Is there a specific reason why the table was created with MyISAM, and if so, what?

2. If there’s no reason, why not remove specifying the engine and let the DB use the default? If there’s no reason, I’ll switch the engine.