[Defender Pro] Defender 2.4 seems badly tested

I installed Defender 2.4.2 on some of our sites. At first I was excited to see that configuration for notifications is now grouped in one screen, which makes configuring and managing them a lot easier.

But now I’ve seen Defender 2.4 in action for a few days, I am disappointed in the overall quality of the update. I experience several problems. It seems like many new and existing features haven’t been tested as thoroughly as should’ve been. This update simply wasn’t ready for release, I guess.

These are the problems that I experience:

The issue counter is totally wrong
Example: on one site the badge next to Defender Pro shows there are 9 issues, but that’s totally wrong. It seems the number in the badge is the total of issues and ignored issues from Malware Scanning. This site has 2 open issues (more about that further on) and 7 ignored issues. There’s no unactioned recommendations.

Not all recommendations can be applied
I installed Defender Pro 2.4.2 on a new site with our main hosting company. Normally I experience no problems with applying all recommendations, but now I can’t apply the recommendations below. It could be a problem with our hosting company, but as I mentioned: normally I can apply all recommendations without a problem.
– Prevent Information Discolure
– Prevent PHP Execution

False positives from Malware Scanning
The Malware Scanning shows warnings about ‘suspicious’ of ‘unknown’ files that it previously didn’t show. Of course, it could be that Malware Scanning got more strict. But the funny thing is, it also shows a ‘unknown’ warning about a .htaccess file that Defender Pro created by itself and never got edited afterwards (/wp-includes/.htaccess). Also the .htaccess file in the root of the installation if being marked as ‘unknown’.

Previously ignored issues have been forgotten
All issues that I previously ignored, like ‘suspicious functions’ haven’t been marked as ignored any more. I can understand that such a thing can happen with a great overhaul, but this results in me having to re-evaluate the issues on 70+ sites if Defender Pro 2.4.2 gets installed by Automate (next monday).

Notifications being sent while configured otherwise
I am receiving notifications about 0 issues being found in Malware Scanning, while I shouldn’t receive them. In the notification center I have not checked the box next to ‘Send notifications when no issues are detected’ for the Notification and the Report of Malware Scanning