[Defender Pro] Defender and the uptime monitor are being abusive…

I’ve been receiving a significant number of outages on a site hosted at Flywheel. This has been going on for several days now. In working with the techs there, I think we’ve got it figured to be some issues with Defender, which I’ve had to deactivate for more evaluation. There are fatal errors being thrown by it, and hundreds of slow processes that overloading things. Flywheel reports that they record a slow process for things that take longer than 5 seconds.

I would like to continue using Defender, but are these bug/development related issues? Have other users reported headaches with Defender and Flywheel?

Here is the fatal error caused by Defender: https://nimb.ws/ONMZRV
Here is one of nearly a thousand entries in the slow process log, all from Defender: https://nimb.ws/djtJa9

Additionally, the tech was reporting that the Hub’s uptime monitor was pretty aggressive, pinging the site multiple times per minute to check for uptime. Is it supposed to be that abusive? Is there a way to scale it back? Here is what they are seeing: https://flywheel.link/b5fd243bd551