[Defender Pro] Defender issue with masking login URL

Hi there,

Sometimes we have a problem with the Defender Pro plugin. We have masked the login URL for all our websites with Defender Pro and that works great, most of the times.

Often the masking URL doesn't work and we get redirected to the homepage. Also the wp-admin URL doesn't work and the site tells us that this feature is disabled (of course).

So the problem here is we've enabled the masking URL option and suddenly after a period of time we get redirected when using the masked admin URL.

Unfortunately I can't replicate this issue. But maybe what helps is knowing where this masked URL is saved and how this is handled by the Defender Pro plugin. There isn't anything in the .htaccess about this matter. Also can't find anything in the database.

Can you help me to find where this is saved/handled?

Thanks in advance.