[Defender] WP Defender log errors

Hello, reviewing this block starting at line 544, in app/module/ip-lockout/controller/main.php and looking for some explanation:

if ( count( $args ) == 0 ) {
//check the extension is js, css, or image type
$exts = apply_filters( 'wd_allow_ref_extensions', array(
) );
$ext = pathinfo( $uri, PATHINFO_EXTENSION );
$ext = strtolower( $ext );
if ( in_array( $ext, $exts ) ) {
//log but no lock

Is svg, or webp going to flag issues?

PHP Warning: count(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable

Can you guys…update this properly for PHP 7.2…immediately? This has gone on long enough…thanks.