Developing New Widget Area – IE8 & Opera Formatting Problem

Thanks to Tammie’s excellent tutorial (, I’ve learned how to place a new widget area wherever I’d like. Unfortunately, even though I’ve followed the instructions precisely, a formatting problem occurs within IE8 and Opera. Basically the div that’s supposed to divide all of the main body content from the footer region is displaced all the way to just beneath the header. As a result, it causes all of the footer widgets to displace upward until they run into whatever’s above them. Interestingly, there is no problem on the home page or any general Buddypress community areas (i.e., “Activity,” “Members,” etc.). It only occurs on pages that I’ve developed. Please check out the following link in your friendly IE8 or Opera browswer to see what I mean: After this, check it out in Firefox or Chrome (there’s no problem in these browsers).

Does anyone have any ideas?