Different price for monthly/annually

I’m going through setting up a subscription, but am having a few problems.

I tried setting up a monthly and annual fee by placing the level into the subscription twice and then making one 30 days with a price and the other 365 days without a price, but it would only go from the first one and went to Paypal with the monthly price already listed.

Then I decided to set up two different subscriptions, a monthly one and an annual one. The monthly one worked ok, but when I click on the ‘subscribe’ button and go to Paypal on the annual subscription, it is marked as £0.00, though I put it in as 24.


That second part seems to be working now. The only thing I changed was 365 days to 1 year.

I also noticed, that when I add a second option with the same level, they both become whatever I placed into the second option.