diffrent chained payment settings

Im not sure if this is even possible, I asked months back when I first had the idea and was told maybe with supporter or memberships new versions…and probably with some custom coding.

Is it possible to setup a network of sites with either membership or supporter or somthing else for that matter that would allow the following

Multiple levels of users who get the following:

Basic (free members) Get say a 20% chained payment to me

first lvl get say 10% and maybe a limited product count

2nd lvl gets 3% and unlimited

and 3rd lvl gets no fees except monthly

those numbers are arbitrary of course was just making an example but its a feature Id really like to add.

Currently all I see is an option to offer chained payments to supporters and non supporters but the way its setup I couldnt chain just the basic members it would hit both… or just the supporters (at least if I was understanding everything I was seeing) if that was reversed it would be good, id at least get 2 lvls but ideally I could get 3 or 4 but Im willing to take what I can get.

I was thinking a possibility would be to set up multiple networks with diffrent settings within 1 overall site with a plugin like Networks for WordPress or somthin else maybe… but the way I understand it that will screw with offering domains

Obviously Id prefer the simplest method possible lol but if I have to go multiple networks even on diffrent IPs Ill do it Im just really hoping to avoid that