Directory Plugin Does Not Look or Do what the Screenshots Show


I downloaded your directory plugin for a non-profit organization client of mine. The screenshots showed the look, functions and flexibility that we were looking for. However, the version that I installed into my website does not look or function like the screen shots.

1) I do not have Directory Setting (the gear icon with the title Directory) in the Setting portion of my dashboard I only have setting in the Listings Custom Post Type (the push pin with the Listings title).

2) I don't have and Appearance capabilities that are shown in the screen shots.

3) I don't seem to have capabilities which are very important to them.

4) The category default layout is very different. The screen shot shows the categories in boxes which span across the page. We have a single list showing:

It looks like it is a different lite version… whats up?

I purchased a month membership just so I could utilize the functions of this plugin. Help, Lisa Rae