Directory Plugin: Need just a little guidance on finding the right search plugin.

Hi guys,

I’ve read through some posts on getting a search option into place to search Directory more precisely than WP’s default search mechanism. I’m afraid I nonetheless have a few questions.

I see that there are plenty of free and pro Search plugins available across the web.

To help me identify the right search plugin to hopefully purchase (I’m not a fan of free plugins with their spotty support), can you tell me if you know of a plugin that would allow me to create a specialized search form that would search *only* the Directory contents?

If you don’t know of a particular plugin, can you tell me what I’m looking for in terms of the required feature(s) to place a search form (like on the sidebar of my Directory page), that would pull search results from *only* Directory? Am I looking for a plugin wherein I can tell it precise categories, or would telling it a specific directory path to traverse be possible?

Thanks for your guidance!