Directory Plugin: Shortcode Issues & Errors

Hi –

Using a few plugins together: Directory, Classifieds, Membership Premium.

The Directory shortcode is not working for me.

I have a parent category with a few subcategories. This is shown in a screenshot attached.

The parent category "Products" is ID 107.

A directory listing has the sub-category of "Machine Embroidery Patterns" and the ID is 104.

I have a regular page created in which I've tried each of these shortcodes:

dr_list_categories style="list" lcats="107" (in brackets of course) – This should list the parent category of "Products" on the page. However, this generates errors as shown in the screenshot attached.

dr_list_categories style="list" lcats="2,108,104,109,110" (in brackets) – This should list the sub categories under the parent category of "Products" but lists nothing – I get a blank page.

My slugs are all done properly with only lowercase letters and dashes. My shortcode is in brackets as shown in the screen shot.

If I use the shortcode with no lcasts parameter, it does create the overall listing of all categories in my Directory. This will be an acceptable "workaround" for me, but I really need to have greater control using the lcats parameter.

Support Access is open.

Thanks for your help!