Directory: Some page loads from BuddyPress profile area flash raw html

Recently, the developers worked through an issue in which the Classifieds plugin, when utilized from within the BuddyPress profile, would load a Classifieds page and flash raw HTML for long enough to be distracting and appear "broken" to an end user before rending the target page correctly. Here's the thread:

Unfortunately, I'm seeing this same behavior in Directory listing management.

If you attempt to use the default "My Listings" menu item (, or if you choose to delete a listing from within the BuddyPress profile Listings area, you'll get the unattractive load screen.

Screen grab attached.

Sorry to bring this to your attention but I hope it is helpful. I've been pounding the products the past few weeks preparing a site launch, and everyone has been really responsive. It's appreciated and I love the plugins and the service level.