Display Member with Multi Adress Profile Field

Hello, again.

I’ve search on the forum but i’ve found nothing.

I’m trying to change the function of the buddypress plugin in google maps.

I want to modify the location system and add 2 fields.

When you want to have a user on the map, you have to select the adress profile field on the plugin option.

I juste want to have 3 differents fields for the location.

1 – Adress

2 – Zip Code

3 – City

I’ve try some modification on the file agm-bp-profile_maps.php

Line 40 you can see this :

add_settings_field(‘agm_google_maps_bp_profile_address’, __(‘Address profile field’, ‘agm_google_maps’:wink:, array($this, ‘create_address_field_mapping_box’:wink:, ‘agm_google_maps_options_page’, ‘agm_google_bp_profile_fields’:wink:;

But i don’t know what to do to add 2 fields for the location.

SOmeone can help me please ?