Do automatic links work with Custom Posts and Taxonomy?

Hi all,

I have been dying to implement this plugin after discovering. Now that we’ve launched a new website I was hoping to take full advantage of the plugin’s features. It seems to not be working as described unless I’ve missed a step.

Ex. We mention characters in an opera all the time. So, I created a custom taxonomy called “Roles.” I’d like the role Mimi, that was referenced in a page, to be linked to the (custom taxonomy) “Roles” named Mimi. In order to accomplish that I checked Insert links in: ‘Page’ and Linked to: ‘Roles’. Except a link on Mimi does not show up.

The plugin does seem to be working when using the Automatic Links “Custom Keywords” section.

I have a related example with a Linked to: [custom post type] that is not working either. I used the same process as described above.

Any help or suggestions greatly appreciated! Thanks.