Do you have any ideas for annotations?


I’d like to create a reference discussion section where people can pull up links and references (or enter new ones) to include in discussion posts. If it curated some basic information when a link is entered, much like your facebook activity plus, that would be great. I am also trying to build in a glossary.

This is for a reference site, where people can enter links and references, vote on them for quality and specific post relevance and share general notes on them, and make a list of these references in the bottom of a post, kind of like wikipedia. I know they could just create links in posts using tinymce, but I’m also trying to accumulate these links so people can search them within the site without using a separate search engine and take advantage of accumulated and rated knowledge. Each link would have a small member page/post associated with it, but it would just be listed at the bottom of other posts that considers the references relevant. So each reference would link to the reference but also have an internal discussion page all it’s own.

I’ve tried knowledge base plugins and curate plugins but haven’t found a good one that fits this need.

I would like to first just put this out there as a feature suggestion, a plugin that helps a site keep track of links or reference members would like to use in pages and discussion, and maintain a post type for them where members could rate or discuss the link itself, as well as nclude them in posts or pages. Almost like a link post type but one that is easy to pull up to include or reference in posts and pages some how.

I am just starting serious development on this feature, and am thinking to try to make a link post type with custompress and then figure out how to start with a currated lead for that link. I’m not sure how you would pull it up from another page, perhaps a tinymce button that pops up a dialog to search text and then drill down by categories and ratings, then lets you 1, insert an annotation, and 2, attach the reference to the post, so in the end, it looks kind of like wikipedia annotations.

Do you have any better recommendations than starting with custompress? I’m not stuck on all the features, the main thing I am trying to do is just get a good reference and knowledge building section going. Not sure how close to my vision I can get, but hoping your expertise can guide me in a good direction to start or things to try. thank you!