Does the 'wordpress membership' plugin rewrite the '.htaccess' file?

Hello there WPMU!

I’ve modified my ‘.htaccess’ file to include the following code:

RewriteBase /
RewriteRule ^login$ wp-login.php

This allows my site login to be “/login” rather than the standard “wp-login.php”. I’m doing this to make my site not look like a wordpress site on login…

Here’s the issue.

Whenever I ‘Save Changes’ in the membership plugin, it seems to rewrite my ‘.htacces’ file, ripping out the code I put in to have a custom login page address…is this possible?

It’s happening every time I save and it’s getting rather annoying.

Can you please provide me with a solution or something so I don’t have to re-modify the ‘.htaccess’ file everytime I want to play with something in the “Edit Options” section of this plugin?

My site address (not that it will really help since I’t has a countdown page) is:

Thanks a bunch in advance!