Domain Mapping Help: GoDaddy

I’ve read through several support forums posts on this but I’m stuck. I’ll try to be as detailed as possible and yes, the hosting needs to remain at GoDaddy. I realize that many here won’t find this ideal but it’s my reality.

I’ve setup a WordPress MS on an Ultimate Shared Hosting account at GoDaddy. The WordPress MS is using this site, as the primary domain. The MS was setup using subfolders, not subdomains. I do have a dedicated IP address, which is

I’ve installed your Domain Mapping plugin and have it set so that “The domain used for administration area should be the “domain entered by the user”.”

One of my users has created a new website, which was She’s pointed the A record of her host to and added as the “Custom Domain” within the domain mapping tool on her MS site.

I’ve also added a domain record through GoDaddy’s Hosting Control Center Domain Management tool. I assume this tool controls the virtual host file. I’ve set to point to “/”, “/denverfood/”, and “wp-content/blogs.dir/14”. I’ve also tried removing it all together. Nothing works. Everything we try is showing a 403 Forbidden error.

Where have I gone wrong and don’t say, “By hosting with GoDaddy.” :slight_smile: