Domain Mapping Inconsistency With Unpublished pages.


I’ve come across a weird problem for sites using Domain mapping.

It all started when I wanted to make it possible for my users to setup a Contact Us and Privacy Policy page. I wanted to allow them to only show the link on the bottom (if the PAGE is UnPublished)

So I tell them to create a page called “Privacy Policy” and publish it. When they do this it appears on the top menu and I have written some custom code on the bottom of /wp-includes/general-template.php that looks up this info and adds a link to the very bottom of the page.

If they then go and UNPUBLISH /SAVE the page, then it no longer appears on the menu, but I still include the link on the bottom of the page.

This method works great with regular subdomain based sites (ie. http://dog-breeds.t**** but fails once domain mapping is used (http://d****

(Remove the **** above added for search engine privacy)

This seemed like a great way to allow the person to choose whether or not to include these pages on the top menu, but now I’ve hit this problem.

My preference is to fix the problem so domain mapping follows what the regular subdomain type hosting is doing, but if this is a hassle, then I don’t mind taking a different approach.

Any suggestions (or even better easy solutions :slight_smile: