Domain Mapping Edits

Alright.. trying to get Domain Mapping to work, but without success. Here is the setup.

Native Apache environment.

I installed the plugin and set it up with the IP its located on (the WPMU has its own IP)

I point the domain with an A record in the DNS to exact same IP of the install.

I create a WP blog and login to the backend of the blog to input the domain.

All saves all is well. I attempt to visit the blog, but I get redirected back to the main WPMU page.

Same thing happens when I attempt to visit the subdomain of the blog created… redirects back to the the main TLD home page.

I have membership/supporter installed but not yet configured. I specified not to use supporter. Regardless of this, I believe it should be working.

Oh yes.. and I also added an apache config to the server and restarted it. Config pointed the domain to the exact same directory as the main home page. Still no love.

What do I do now?