Domain Mapping Settings – Patched 4.2.2 installation

I’m running a patched version of 4.2.2 (to fix the site creation and sanitize core bugs; changes to formatting.php, wp-db.php and upgrade.php).

My domain is on a dedicated IP though I can’t get the home page of my MU to load. I have added an a record for and mapped it (or rather attempted to) to a subdomain site I created. I have tried this with and without a parked domain; I need my installation to work without it which, from what I understand, should not be a problem with a dedicated IP.

I understand from reading other posts that there are a host of issues with this plugin. I checked the DB and I don’t see a table that would be associated with this plugin (but could be wrong). I’m also not sure if the patch would have any bearing on this. A couple of the sites we’re going to move to this MU installation have been hacked, so I’m reticent to run an old version of WP core and they are taking their sweet time patching a bug which completely breaks multisite.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.