Easy Blogging: Activate Advanced Admin Button does not display

Hello All,

I installed the Easy Blogging Tooltips, Wizard and Easy Blogging files.

I clicked the Activate Easy Admin button and the wizard started. I exited the wizard and stepped through all the tabs exploring the interface. However when I got ready to return to the advanced admin interface I could not find a button to do so.

I noticed in some other posts about Easy Blogging whcih had screen shots attached ot them, that it appears the Activate Easy Admin button should toggle into an Activate Advanced Admin button. but it did not do so. It just disappeared.

What do I need to do in order to return the user to the advanced admin interface?

Any other reports of this?

I like the Easy Blogging concept and would like to offer it on a new multisite install, but only if its at a stable version.

Thanks for any assistance.

Phil Duncan