Easy Blogging – Changes i have to make afer all updates


Hi, i’m making some extra changes after all updates of easy blogging, i think you could consider them for future release.

First i have to edit start_page.php to make it utf-8 compatible, because i have a problem with accent on start page.

<meta http-equiv="Content-type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8"/>

After that, i active translation to “activate” always on start_page.php:259->271

<dt><?php _e('Easy mode', 'wdeb');?>  <small><a href="<?php echo WDEB_LANDING_PAGE;?>?wdeb_on"><?php _e('Activate', 'wdeb')?></a></small></dt>
<dd><?php _e('Great for beginners, easily and quickly manage your blog', 'wdeb');?></dd>

<?php if ($this->data->get_option('wizard_enabled', 'wdeb_wizard')) { ?>
<!-- Wizard is enabled, add description -->
<dt><?php _e('Wizard mode', 'wdeb');?>  <small><a href="<?php echo WDEB_LANDING_PAGE;?>?wdeb_on&wdeb_wizard_on"><?php _e('Activate', 'wdeb')?></a></small></dt>
<dd><?php _e('Even greater for beginners, offers a guided step-by-step tour of your blog', 'wdeb');?></dd>
<?php } ?>

<dt><?php _e('Standard mode', 'wdeb');?>  <small><a href="index.php?wdeb_off"><?php _e('Activate', 'wdeb')?></a></small></dt>
<dd><?php _e('Allows for fine-tuning your blog', 'wdeb');?></dd>

And i add translation string on default po file

#: lib/form/startpage.php.php:260
#: lib/form/startpage.php.php:265
#: lib/form/startpage.php.php:269
msgid "Activate"
msgstr ""

Voila, thanks.