Edit PHP Code to include Multisite command

Hey Everyone

So I am using a plugin called cartpauj PM and it works wonders! I absolutely love it. However, I am trying to create a link or button that says “Send message to User” directly on the user’s blog site created on my multisite network

I was able to find some code that does this on a Normal WordPress installation however the command in the code doesn’t work for multisite as it looks for the title of the page that cartpauj PM is on that particular blog (the one with this php code in it)

I would love if someone could tell me what the code should say when trying to call the page title from the main blog on my network where that plugin is encoded on. Hopefully that makes sense . here is the php code that calls the page title from the blog the code is on

<?php if($page = get_page_by_title(‘User Messages’:wink:) { //change the “Private Messages”with your PM’s page title!

$link = get_permalink($page->ID);

echo ‘<span class=”pm”>Send Message to User</span>‘;

} ?>

Thanks for any help you can provide :slight_smile: