edu-clean and avatar plugin

inside functions.php I find this code:

////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////<br />
// post author avatar<br />
<p>function author_avatar_xt() {<br />
$the_author_email = get_the_author_email();<br />
$the_author_name = get_the_author_nickname();<br />
$pathtotheme = get_bloginfo('stylesheet_directory');<br />
$md5 = md5($the_author_email);<br />
$default = urlencode(&quot;$pathtotheme/images/mygif.gif&quot;);<br />
echo &quot;<img src='$md5&amp;size=32&amp;default=$default' alt='$the_author_name' />&quot;;<br />
}<br />

then I look into index.php to see how it is called:

<div class=&quot;post-title&quot;><br />
<?php<br />
$if_author_on = get_option('tn_edus_author_avatar'); ?><br />
<?php if($if_author_on == 'yes') { ?><br />
<p><?php author_avatar_xt(); ?></p><br />
<?php } ?>

now I am wondering, why are all my outputted avatars 96 pixels big? unfortunately I don’t udnerstand why the size of 32 from the function is being oevrwritten and where. please give me a hint where to look :slight_smile:

what I am actually trying to achieve is to have 32px avatars on category pages…

for now I solved it like this, but its not elegant at all :slight_smile:

/*trying to make smaller avatars on category apges*/

.category #main-header #wraps #container #content #post-entry .post-meta .post-title p img {

width: 32px;

height: 32px;


basically I am telling via css that 96px avatars are to be displayed as 32px avatars if it is a category page….