edu clean theme


I am working on a site for a school organization. is the test link. A few issues.

1. I am trying to create groups for classes the school. the school has pages for teachers already, so i wanted to put a link to the teacher's blog page within the group description when I create the group for each teacher. I would like to have the link below the name of the group then open up into a new window. see this page for an example.

You can see the screen shot with the code to do target = blank. however, when I click the link, the user leaves the site. What do I need to do to make a new page open in a new window? The link works and goes to the right place, just want it to open a new window, which the code should do.

2. On the calendar, it appears the only options for minutes is 15 minute increments. Can this be changed to 10 minute increments, or provide a way to manually edit the minutes, like in google calendar? Many event actually start at say 10:20 vs 10:15 or 10:30.

3. I would like to have each group have their own photo album. Is there a plugin that allows for a photo album to be created on a group by group basis…so you could have an album for a class party for example, and maybe one for the whole year.

4. The teacher's site also has RSS feeds I could use. Is there a plugin for BP groups that allows me to add an RSS feed that ONLY shows for a particular group? That way, there could be some nice syncing between the two sites without having to have people go back and forth. I can grab the schools blog posts (I did put some on the main page), but I would like the teacher's specific posts to show within each class group. I suppose it would need to show on the group menu vs the sidebar, unless there was a widget tool to specify specific widgets to show for a specific group page….?

5. I have the tabber widget by iThemes. It should be in a tab but on this site it puts things on top of each other. Any ideas on how to make that work better?

Do you suggest a different theme that is more customizable for this type of use? Ideally, I would like more bigger buttons on the home page and even expand the number of featured areas to 9 vs 6 and have them more horizontally across the page vs vertically. I like the layout for this theme, but the news posts show up a little too wide on the right. Is there a way to edit the theme CSS easily. I thought about the Network theme that shows 3 rows of "buttons", but I have not played around with it…. Thoughts?

If I had my developer edit this theme, I assume I can reuse this for other sites as a branch of this theme and no issues using it under the GLP?