EMmbership Plugin – subscription paid but it is not visible in Membership Subscription Options


I’ve installed and configured the Membership plugin on WordPress Standard based blog.

I’m creating a job site and I wand jobseekers to be subscriber (paid) to apply for the job.

I’ve created 2 Levels

– Free Users

– Job Seekers

Free users are strangers who can see all the content.

Job Seekers are paid subscribers for which I’ve create a membership subscription.

I’ve used short code membership to protect the application details on post.

There are 2 problems

1) For job seekers (paid members) the short code protects the content and also it all works till the subscription is paid..

I can also see the paid member listed on “Edit Subscription” page.

However when after paying the subscription the member still can’t see the shortcode protected code.

2) Admin of the site see the shortcode on the post along with the content


cotnent here


Any idea what I’ve missed?