eNewsletter: Widget Formatting


I’m using the eNewsletter’s widget for signup. In my case, we only expect to ever have one (1) newsletter.

Once a person is subscribed, whenever they are logged in they of course continue to see the widget, but it is updated to indicate which newsletter(s) they are subscribed to.

Even though we only have one newsletter, I don’t mind the way the widget works for someone who is logged in already, but the formatting is visually jarring. Please notice my attached image.

I’m hoping we “tighten” the formatting a bit.

1. The header for the list of newsletters, which says “Subscribe to” is as large as the widget title. This looks like a design error to a site visitor. But the widget title must remain for those site visitors who are NOT logged in, otherwise they will see only an email entry field.

2. The checkbox and the newsletter title should align on a single line, no? The checkbox being it’s own line item, coupled with so much line height between the checkbox and the newsletter title just doesn’t look like polished design. I’d like to be able to decrease the line height (or space/margin) between the checkbox/newsletter title, the Save Subscriptions button, and the Unsubscribe link underneath. As illustrated in my second attached image.

Is this possible? Or, because we do not have more than one newsletter, can we some how “display: hide” the list of available newsletters? I can’t figure out the CSS components.

Thanks so much!