Error Establishing Connection Sub-domain Install

Hey There,

Having an issue with a new sub-domain multisite install. I’ve read through a ton of articles and can’t find a solution.

I recently installed wordpress, enabled multisite, changed the config.php + .htacess files. I have wildcard domains set up and all of the database info in my config.php file is 100% correct. I have complete access to my main domain including the main site admin area + network admin area. However, when I went to setup a new test sub-domain account (ie… I get the following error when trying to visit “Error establishing a database connection”.

I can’t access the subdomain account at all… if attempted as the super admin I get redirected back to the main If I goto I get an error saying the database needs repaired… so i did the repair and I get a message saying the database is missing the tables for the sub-domain.

So I went into phpMyAdmin to diagnose the issue… in the wp_blogs table I see the new blog set up ( however none of the sub-domain tables where created (ie wp_2_options, etc)… this would explain why I can’t access the new sub-domain site… however I’m at a loss as to why wordpress is throwing the database error only on sub-domains and not the whole site.

Happy to give access to any and all resources needed to diagnose the issue.

Thanks in advance!!