Error in Export Date Range Add-on


I have problem with the new version of the export date range add-on.

Initially it was generating a server 500 error. But this has been solved. Please see my previous closed thread:

Now it does no more generate server errors, but data exported are not correct.

In particular, I need to export all completed appointments of september for all my websites *

The add-on exports completed appointments with number 9 in the day field of the date, and not with number 9 in the month field of the date.

I suppose this is because my date format is D/M/Y and not M/D/Y and the add-on does no more check which date format is in use. But of course I may be wrong,

This is actually very strange, because the add-on have been working correctly for a couple of years up to now.

Please give priority to checking the code, as I’m really stuck with my monthly reporting.

Thanks a lot

Kind regards