Errors with stock (your item is unavailable) and paypal (whoops – missed a step…)


I ran Marketpress lite for nearly 2 years without any problems, but recently I have run into 2 errors which are causing a real headache (especially as they are intermittent and I can’t reproduce them!)

“Whoops, looks like you skipped a step! Please go back and try again”

-This comes when clients get back to the confirm page on our website after finishing with PayPal.

Sorry, one or more products are no longer available. Please review your cart.

-This happens when the items are in stock (they are ‘greyed-out’ when out of stock so they wouldn’t be able to select them if they genuinely were out.

Frustratingly I have not been able to reproduce either of these faults when I try it from my machine (via firefox, chrome or IE)

It may be coincidence, but the errors started around the time I started getting Paypal emails outlining IPN failures (odd as it was disabled) – I enabled IPN and the emails stopped, but the PayPal issues continued.

Please let me know what other details you need from me.