Events+ in Multisite: "Category" is not recognized across subsites

Background and the Good News: I have Events+ activated in my main site, and several subsites (along with Post Indexer). I have been working with the [eab_calendar network=”yes”] shortcode, as well as the [eab_archive network=”yes”] shortcode and I have been able to make all events across the network display on any subsite that has Events+ enabled. All’s good there.

The Bad News: I decided that I want to show events from a particular category in a list, so I figure I will use [eab_archive network=”yes” category=”webinars”]. This works just fine on the main site where the category was created, but it does not work on a subsite. On a subsite, the above shortcode just displays all the events from the entire network, without regard for the category they live in.

Is this the expected behavior? If so, is there a workaround or some sort of quick and dirty fix I can use? I really need to find a way to make this work. Thanks!