Events+ Plugin Problems

Event Problems:

We switched from Eventbrite to Events+ and the issue now with the event platform and not using eventbrite is two fold:

1) Major issue is how to separate out the fees that the purchaser pays which is what eventbrite does for you – – ex. If I charge $30 per ticket through eventbrite – they charge consumer $30 plus a $2.37 processing fee to cover credit card company cost and their cost – so I end up with $30.

Now using Eventbrite via Pay Pal, the pay pal fees are 2% – at 2% on an average of 100 people per event 12 times a year at $30 per person only – that is $720 cost per year for me versus eventbrite which the cost is zero. Plus I am about to start doing 2 events a month and expect these revenue numbers to significantly rise – what is the solution for this? can we incorporate the credit card processing fees so the member pays?

2) Additionally I currently price my events so ticket prices rise as you get closer to the event – a simple step when setting up the event with eventbrite at inception as you just set up multiple ticket types with dates they are no longer available and dates the higher priced become available – Is this something that can work with the current platform using Events+?

Thank you,