Events+ Popup Event Details (needs z-index)


Hey there WPMU,

You seem like you have your hands full lately so as we find glitches and fix them, we’ll post some of them here for you and other people to see.

With your latest ‘Events+’ plugin release, (v.1.3), there is a glitch with the hover over pop up of event details on the calendar archives page. When you hover over, it should be the highest thing on the page so it doesn’t get cut off, and because we have ads in the sidebar, the popup was going under the ads.

All we did was add a z-index of “900” to the events.css file (obviously it doesn’t need to be that high, we just didn’t want to mess with it again.

We modified line 51 :: located here “/wp-content/plugins/events-and-bookings/default-templates/calendar/events.css” class=”.wpmudevevents-calendar-event-info” with an addition of “z-index: 900;” to the styles

Hope this helps someone else.