Events + & PopUp Pro Creating A Conflict?

I’ve had a problem that I have been wrestling with for about a week now that’s been hiding in plain site.

I have a website where the event details would “error out” in Events + when details were clicked. Basically when you clicked on details for a given event, the event would duplicate the TLD URL and throw up a page “can’t be found error”.


It turns out when I activate PopUp Pro Version & Events + Version is causing event details to error out. It could be a concoction of Canvas Theme as well, but once I disable PopUp Pro, the events work seamlessly (the theme doesn’t seem to be the culprit). There are a few other plugins as well, but these two seem to be fighting given I can disable PopUp Pro and Events works perfectly.

We really enjoy both plugins and it would be tough to choose only one given their strength. Hopefully you can replicate the issue and offer a resolution or figure out why this issue is happening.

Thanks for your hard work. Ash has worked a little with me on this issue so you can reference him as needed.