Exclude users from BuddyPress Members Widget


I will probably need support from a developer on this issue or at least someone who is code-oriented and familiar with BuddyPress.

I wanted to exclude 3 users from the (BuddyPress) Members & (BuddyPress) Recently Active Members widget. I want these users to show up in the BuddyPress members directory and everything, but not in those two widgets.

These users are not administrators, but staff members of the website, so they’ll pretty much always be at top of list in those widgets, when I want actual users to be at the top. I want to hide the administrator user and 2 contributor-level users from the list.

Tell me if you need more information. I’m guessing this can be done using their username or User ID or user role. Anyways, please respond as soon as possible. All help is appreciated. Thanks in advance!