Feature request


I am thinking of switching to Network as the homepage of discover.wooster.edu. Currently it has a customized version of the Expose theme by StudioPress. The network is setup so that all the posts/pages in the network are pulled into the main site and then If they are to be featured on the homepage of they network they are put in a special category. If they are to be featured in the slider then they are put in another category. This is kind of clunky.

If Network had a way to restrict the posts it displays to a certain category and could be set to show the original site’s title instead of the main site’s title, then I think it would be more flexible.

The problem with just showing all posts is that this is supposed to be a showcase site for faculty research and just general blog posts may not be desirable for feature.

I can probably look at how posts are being pulled and filter the query to a particular category, but adding it as an option would be more elegant.