Feature Request: Ability to add tag along items / have Additional Fees per item.

Some industries have special fees that need to be collected as part of a purchase. For Example, EWD (E-waste Fees) for the purchase of a TV or Monitor (Including Laptops, and I believe Tablets).

Currently there doesn’t appear to be a way to add this fee along with the purchase of a Screen, short of Telling the person to add it, or just bundling it into the price.

The later approach isn’t a good one, as at a glance the price is higher and may encourage the shopper to purchase elsewhere.

You have some support for special taxes. One possibility would be to expand this, so you could have a box to fill in with the tax description, and set a fixed or percentage rate.

Another option, which may be better, as it would probably be usable by more people is the ability to mark a product as required purchase as part of this product.

So, I add a product EWD Fee, and then Super cool Monitor. I ‘tag’ the Fee as required, and when someone purchases Super cool Monitor, it shows up in their cart, along with the product EWD Fee.